AI and horse health

Sleip develops AI-tools to aid in a better understanding of how and why horses move the way they do.  We are working towards a future of fewer instances of equine lameness, a faster recovery process in the event of lameness, and a healthier equine community at large.

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Our story

Drawing on decades of equine biomechanical research and advances in artificial intelligence, Sleip develops technology to provide the equine community with information and tools to make better decisions for the health and performance of each individual horse. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, our customers include top sport horse veterinarians and equine veterinary practices around the globe. Including many national Olympic team vets.

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Our vision

Our vision is to improve horse welfare by making Sleip's technology available for all those who care for horses – improving diagnostics and promoting collaboration around the health of each individual horse. 

Prevention is a key component of this vision. Just as important is ensuring horse owners and health professionals can work successfully together in addressing any small sign of lameness. Continuously and successfully tracking the horse's progress to ensure optimal rehab into full performance. 

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Our founders

Sleip was founded by Elin Hernlund and Axel Nyström in 2020.

Elin has a background as a veterinary equine orthopaedic researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden, focusing on preventing and discovering equine lameness at an early stage.

Axel is an engineer passionate about creating engineering solutions for biological applications. This intersection of fields is one that he has researched extensively, including at Oxford University, where he received his PhD. Before founding Sleip, Axel worked with AI programming, primarily targeting computer vision and human pharmaceutical research.




Meet our team

Axel Nyström, PhD / Founder
Elin Hernlund, PhD / Founder
Chief Medical Officer
Christoffer Roepstorff, PhD
Biomechanical Researcher
Mudith Silva
iOS Engineer
Max Grundell
Head of Development
Mattias Almlöf
ML Engineer
Felix Järemo Lawin, PhD
Computer Vision Researcher
Katarina Schultz
Katarina Schultz
UX/UI Designer
Per Hassbring
Head of Growth & Partnerships
Aagje Hardeman, PhD
Global Customer Success Manager
Selma Claar
Marketing Director
Irina Savelieva
Digital Content Manager
Åsa Wilde
Head of Marketing & Communications
Filipe Braganca, PhD
Biomechanical Researcher
Fabienne De Geer
Customer Operations
Kristoffer Nolgren
Head of Product
Dulitha Daluwatta
Software Engineer
Adam Deming
iOS Engineer

Join team Sleip

Our philosophy is simple: hire a diverse team of passionate people to foster a culture that empowers each member to excel at what he or she does best. We are headquartered in central Stockholm, close to the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Want to join us? Please check out our open positions below.

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