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Starting at just 150 euros/170 dollars per month, our flexible pricing structure means you can choose the subscription plan that suits your needs. Whether you're a solo vet or part of a clinic or team with varying levels of usage, we have you covered.

As a bonus, all our plans come with a 14-day free trial, allowing you to experience the benefits first-hand before committing. Best of all, there are no startup costs involved, and you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time.

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Choose your plan

Sleip gives you the flexibility to run exams supported by gait analysis wherever you are. All you need is an iPhone. No limit on horses or recordings.

Small practice

For solo vets with ambulatory or stationary practices and small clinics sharing a single Sleip device.

  • One device actively using Sleip

€150 or $170/mo

Medium practice 

For teams, whether ambulatory or stationary, using two Sleip devices simultaneously.

  • Up to 2 devices actively using Sleip
  • Separate accounts available

€250 or $270/mo

Clinic or hospital

For the larger teams using up to four  Sleip devices simultaneously.

  • Up to 4 devices actively using Sleip
  • Separate accounts available

€350 or $380/mo

Add Sleip recorder sharing

With the recorder sharing feature added to your subscription, you can now offer clients remote gait analysis. Just invite your client to record a horse themselves using an iPhone and the analysis video and data will be available in your Sleip vet account.  

  • 15 active horse sharings included. Follow-up on treatment and monitor rehabilitation of up to 15 active cases at the same time.
  • Full analysis results exclusively to the vet. Once processed, the results of the recordings are automatically uploaded to the vet’s Sleip account.
  • Clear user instructions for clients provided in the app. Clients get limited results showing the recording has been done correctly.

from +50 EUR/USDper month

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"Those that live in fear of tech replacing vets are missing the point. This is a tool to make you better. Sleip is better at seeing small things than what we are.“

— Marcus Swail
Irish team veterinarian

”Sleip is an unparalleled complement to my subjective lameness evaluation of a patient. In addition, the Sleip Recorder facilitates my client interaction to optimize rehabilitation”

— Maria Terese Engell
Veterinarian and founder of Rider in Balance

"We follow all the horses in the national XC team of Sweden to try to see it before it happens. This is on way to make sure that the athletes get the best possible care.”

— Enar Tollig
Team Veterinarian, Swedish eventing team

"This is useful for any sport horse in any discipline, as all can be susceptible to a higher risk of injury from training and/or competition."

— Olivia Rudolphi
Rudolphi Veterinary Service

"Sleiping my horses is a routine that allows my vet and I to stay one step ahead, it helps us pick up on potential injuries or issues before it gets serious. My horses and I are a team, and as a rider I want to do everything I can to ensure their welfare."

— Max Kühner
Showjumping Athlete, World Cup & Championship Finalist