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Get started with Sleip is easy. Objective gait analysis has never been more accessible.


How to record? 

How to record straight-line

Make the best straight-line recording right from the start. Follow a few easy steps to get a good quality recording for your analysis.

How to record longeing

It's easy to use Sleip when recording longeing. Keep only a few things in mind for a quality recording and analysis results within minutes.

Download the "Quick guide on how to record with the Sleip app" here

Walk-through the features and views

Measurements interpretation

Frequently asked questions


What phone do I need to use Sleip?

We recommend an iPhone 12 Pro or a later model. Three cameras are good! The app does work on all iPhones from 8 and onward, so getting started by trying it out on an older device first is fine. 

Can I record the horse from the inside and outside of the circle? 

You should only record the horse from the outside of the circle, as Sleip is not yet adapted for recording from the inside.

What payments methods do you offer?

We accept both card payments and direct bank transfer payments. We will be happy to set up automatic payments for your convenience. 


How do I search for a horse? 

Horses are sorted in alphabetical order and you can search for a particular horse by entering its name in the search field at the top of the list. 

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