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The Sleip tool is trusted by well-known equine clinics, veterinarians serving national teams, as well as solo practitioners.

Professional riders and stables are increasingly adopting the app as part of their routine, working hand-in-hand with their veterinarians. This collaboration ensures the welfare of their horses and allows for the timely identification of potential injuries or issues before they become critical.

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Today Sleip app is used by more than 900 veterinarians and at more than 300 clinics.



Sleip is used in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. We have users of the app in more than 35 countries.

20 000+


More than 20 000 horses across the globe have been sleiped.  

100 000+


Horses in our app have been recorded more than 100 000 times.

Veterinarians and clinics testimonials


“This is useful for any sport horse in any discipline, as all can be susceptible to a higher risk of injury from training and/or competition."

— Olivia Rudolphi
Rudolphi Veterinary Service

”Sleip is an unparalleled complement to my subjective lameness evaluation. What's more, by having clients send me Sleip recordings, I can monitor progress better, remotely."

— Maria Terese Engell
Veterinarian and founder of Rider in Balance

"It’s great to have a tool like Sleip to back up your opinion and to be able to show precise metrics of any movement irregularity. It can work a bit like the cameras used for replay in ice hockey or football to prove your point."

— Lisa Lidbeck
Equine vet, FEI vet level 4
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“Sleip is a really good tool for monitoring horses in training, for early detection of lameness, and it’s also very useful at the clinic. We use it to help identify the lame limb, and for comparisons before and after diagnostic analgesia for example.”

— Marie Rhodin
DVM, DECVSMR and associate professor
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“The fact that you only need your phone, in combination with the precision of the science and technology, makes an impact on the way we can use objective gait analysis in our work”.

— Tim Ober
John R. Steele & Associates
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“Sleip helps me unveiling the hidden language of movement, contributing to the right diagnosis.”

— Erik Bergman
DVM and Co-founder of the SMDC clinic

National teams veterinarians' testimonials


“Those that live in fear of tech replacing vets are missing the point. This is a tool to make you better. Sleip is better at seeing small things than what we are.”

— Marcus Swail
Irish team veterinarian

"We use Sleip to track horses of the Swedish national eventing team. Sleip helps us take care of our athletes by optimizing day-to-day trainings and in trying to prevent lameness.”

— Enar Tollig
Team Veterinarian, Swedish eventing team
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“I was first introduced to Sleip at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I’ve always liked the fact that it is so easy to use the Sleip app in the field, but I also like the fact that the team behind Sleip are listening to us users, like developing the slow-motion functionality, which I really like.”

— Jan-Hein Swagemakers
German team veterinarian

Professional riders' testimonials

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“I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to the well-being of my horses and how we perform together. Horses can’t use words to let us know how they are feeling so we need to do everything we can to read their signals. That is how my vet and I use Sleip.”

— Henrik von Eckermann
Olympic show jumping rider, World championship gold medalist
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“Sleiping my horses is a routine that allows my vet and I to stay one step ahead, it helps us pick up on potential injuries or issues before it gets serious. My horses and I are a team, and as a rider I want to do everything I can to ensure their welfare.”

— Max Kühner
Showjumping Athlete, World Cup & Championship Finalist

”I think Sleip can be pivotal for improved horse welfare. It helps me detect changes at an early stage, so I can make better decisions about training load and rest, and has significantly eased communication between me and my vet.”

— Aminda Ingulfson
Eventer, Swedish national team

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The combined video and biomechanical data is very useful

Marie Rhodin, DVM, DECVSMR, and associate professor, uses the Sleip app for monitoring horses in training for early detection of lameness and to compare data before and after diagnostic analgesia and during rehabilitation of horses. Marie says it's a very good tool to train the visual assessment. 


I use Sleip in my daily practice as an extra pair of eyes

Enar Tollig, DVM, dedicated team vet for the Swedish eventing team, uses Sleip with the athletes in his care. He finds the advanced computer vision technology useful as an additional pair of eyes, especially when assessing complex lameness cases. 


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