Markerless lameness diagnostics on your phone

Give best-in-class equine care with AI-powered technology

Measure the horse's movements straight from video

Sleip develops the only diagnostic application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) motion analysis to identify lameness straight from video.



We power up your phone

Sleip is on a mission to make precise motion analysis accessible and easy to use; through an app on your smartphone.

There’s no need for additional hardware or physical equipment. The Sleip app gives you the flexibility to run exams anywhere, with precise gait metrics and stride-by-stride analysis results returned in minutes.


So how does it work?

With a subscription to Sleip, veterinarians simply create a profile for the horse and record a trot-up through the smartphone application.

The recording is uploaded and analysed by Sleip's AI-powered software. The results are ready and displayed in the app within minutes, including stride-by-stride analysis video with synchronised biomechanical data.


From Olympic team vets and equine hospitals to solo practitioners 

Wherever you are located in the world, you can be up and running with Sleip in no time. Our customers include top sport horse veterinarians and equine veterinary practices around the globe.

Access to the app is provided through monthly subscription plans adapted to the size and needs of your practice. 

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Pioneering AI  diagnostics

Artificial neural networks use the human brain as a model to recognise complex patterns. Neural networks have revolutionised still image diagnostics in human medicine and are used in radiology, oncology, and dermatology.

Sleip takes this further by integrating live motion analysis. We put you at the very forefront of diagnostic medicine and rehabilitation.

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Computer geeks and horse nerds

We have two passions at Sleip, horse welfare, and technology. Equine veterinary medicine and artificial intelligence. The combined edge will continue to shape our journey as we put decades of biomechanical research and AI technology to use in everyday practice.

Ultimately, we're here to empower the equine community with insights and tools that strengthen the health and performance of each horse and improve horse welfare across the globe.

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"As a perfectionist, I prioritize the well-being of my horses and our performance together. Since horses can't communicate in words, we must rely on understanding their signals. Sleip helps my vet, and me achieve this."

— Henrik von Eckermann
Olympic show jumping athlete and World Championship Gold medalist

"It’s great to have a tool like Sleip to back up your opinion and to be able to show precise metrics of any movement irregularity. It can work a bit like the cameras used for replay in ice hockey or football to prove your point."

— Lisa Lidbeck
Equine vet, FEI vet level 4

"Sleiping my horses is a routine that allows my vet and I to stay one step ahead, it helps us pick up on potential injuries or issues before it gets serious. My horses and I are a team, and as a rider I want to do everything I can to ensure their welfare."

— Max Kühner
Showjumping Athlete, World Cup & Championship Finalist

"Those that live in fear of tech replacing vets are missing the point. This is a tool to make you better. Sleip is better at seeing small things than what we are.“

— Marcus Swail
Irish team veterinarian

"I think Sleip can be pivotal for improved horse welfare. It helps me detect changes at an early stage, so I can make better decisions about training load and rest, and has significantly eased communication between me and my vet."

— Aminda Ingulfson
Rider in the Swedish Eventing Team

”Sleip is an unparalleled complement to my subjective lameness evaluation of a patient. What's more, by inviting clients to send me recordings we can monitor progress together, remotely.”

— Maria Terese Engell
Veterinarian and founder of Rider in Balance

"We follow all the horses in the national XC team of Sweden to try to see it before it happens. This is one way to make sure that the athletes get the best possible care.”

— Enar Tollig
Team veterinarian, Swedish eventing team

"This is useful for any sport horse in any discipline, as all can be susceptible to a higher risk of injury from training and/or competition."

— Olivia Rudolphi
Rudolphi Veterinary Service
mari rhodin

“Sleip is a really good tool for monitoring horses in training, for early detection of lameness, and it’s also very useful at the clinic. We use it to help identify the lame limb, and for comparisons before and after diagnostic analgesia for example.”

— Marie Rhodin
DVM, DECVSMR and associate professor

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"Together, we’re stronger than on our own"

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Loved and praised by veterinarians across the globe

Sleip is used by vets all over the world. See what Marie Rhodin, DVM, DECVSMR, and associate professor, has to say about her experience with the Sleip app.

“The combined video and biomechanical data is very useful because it makes it easy to interpret the results", says Marie. 

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