Motion analysis powered by AI 

The Sleip app uses AI to track over 100 anatomical keypoints on the moving horse, quantifying gait asymmetry and detecting even the smallest irregularities. Use Sleip to get stride-by-stride analysis results in minutes, track progress over time, and detect issues at an early stage. 

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Why gait analysis? 

Quantitative gait analysis can detect very small asymmetries with high sensitivity. This data, and the documentation that goes with it, backs up your decisions and supports dialogue with clients and colleagues.

We traditionally rely on visual observation to assess a horse's movement. The human eye can only process about 10-15 samples per second, so accurately detecting subtle irregularities in a trotting horse is beyond our physiological capabilities. Research indicates that veterinarians often reach varying conclusions in clinical orthopedic exams, both in identifying the primary lame limb and grading lameness.

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All you need is your phone

Until recently, quantitative gait analysis was reserved for use in larger clinics and research institutions due to the cost of the equipment and the complexities of setting up. By making gait analysis accessible, we're striving for increased prevention, better rehabilitation, and healthier and happier horses. 

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AI computer vision 

Sleip’s AI algorithms detect and track key points on the horse's moving body from videos recorded through the app.  At the heart of our technology lies innovations in computer vision, a specialised sub-field of artificial intelligence that mimics human visual understanding, but far surpasses our cognitive capabilities.


Scientific rigour

Based on decades of equine biomechanical research, the gold standard for quantifying gait asymmetries is the measurement of the vertical displacement of the head and pelvis at trot. The Sleip-app measures these asymmetries with a 2 mm precision.  The technology has been validated against the multi-camera motion capture system at the Animal Locomotion Laboratory at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.  Read more here.


What does Sleip measure? 



Vertical movement

The computer vision algorithm detects key points on the horse's moving body. It measures the vertical movement of the horse’s head and pelvis.


Asymmetry variables

Based on 30 years of equine biomechanics research, asymmetry variables related to lameness are extracted from the horse's movement.



Data quality

The number of strides used for the analysis, along with variance and recording conditions are parameters that are logged. This provides you with information on the quality of the data and the analysis.



For each frame of video the gait is classified to ensure that only quality strides in trot are included in the analysis.


Straight line and longeing

Sleip can measure asymmetry in the horse’s movement on a straight line or on the longeing circle. Its versatility and ease of use enable you to perform your analysis anywhere.


Rider detection

Sleip automatically detects if there is a rider on the horse. Keep in mind that the presence of a rider can impact asymmetries.




High-quality video

The heart of Sleips technology. The AI backend detects and tracks the horse in your recorded videos. Your analysis results include a zoomed-in, slow-motion video giving you quality documentation of the locomotion.


Diagnostic analgesia (vets)

You can label any recording with one or more anesthesia tags, selected from a comprehensive list predefined options. This allows you to keep track of which block reduced any potential movement asymmetry.


Cloud enabled

You don't have to worry about storage space, data security or data backup. All your videos and analyses are securely kept for you in the cloud. Readily accessible at your convenience.


Sharing feature

The cloud-based infrastructure of Sleip enables extensive and controlled sharing of data. For example, you can invite a horse owner to record for you through the Sleip app, automatically sending the video and analysis results to your account.


Recording comparisons

Compare left and right circle recordings, or analyses before and after interventions. Sleip helps you easily determine whether the movement pattern of the horse has changed.


Subscription based

Pay per month and record as many videos, of as many horses, as you like. There are no startup costs involved, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Jan-Hein (1)

“I was first introduced to Sleip at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I’ve always liked the fact that it is so easy to use the Sleip app in the field, but I also like the fact that the team behind Sleip are listening to us users, like developing the slow-motion functionality, which I really like.”

— Jan-Hein Swagemakers
German team veterinarian

"We use Sleip to track horses of the Swedish national eventing team. Sleip helps us take care of our athletes by optimizing day-to-day trainings and in trying to prevent lameness.”

— Enar Tollig
Team Veterinarian, Swedish eventing team
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“I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to the well-being of my horses and how we perform together. Horses can’t use words to let us know how they are feeling so we need to do everything we can to read their signals. That is how my vet and I use Sleip.”

— Henrik von Eckermann
Olympic show jumping rider, World championship gold medalist

"It’s great to have a tool like Sleip to back up your opinion and to be able to show precise metrics of any movement irregularity. It can work a bit like the cameras used for replay in ice hockey or football to prove your point."

— Lisa Lidbeck
Equine vet, FEI vet level 4

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Getting started with Sleip is easy

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Starting at just 150 euros, our flexible pricing adjusts based on whether you're a solo vet or part of a clinic, with options for team size.  Why not provide clients with remote gait analysis? Simply invite them to record through the app, and access the analysis video and data in your Sleip vet account.  

Still have questions? We've got you covered. Check out our FAQ for more information on how to get started, technical requirements, payment, recording videos and data interpretation.