Download and share Sleip analysis videos

We are excited to announce the latest update to the Sleip app, allowing users to download, save and share their Sleip analysis videos. 

One of the most frequent requests from users in the past year has been to export the Sleip analysis videos. These videos are generated by Sleip's AI, which tracks and measures the horse's movements, and offers users slow-motion and zoomed-in video documentation of the horse in motion. The new update lets users download these videos directly to their iPhone photo library.

Many users want to access the analysis videos on their computer, to add to journals or use them as visual aids in presentations. The new update also provides users with an easy way to share the analysis videos, with clients or colleagues, directly via email or WhatsApp", says Kristoffer Nolgren, Head of Product at Sleip.


Share from the iPhone photo library 

In the analysis video view in the app, users will see a download icon in the upper right-hand corner. Once downloaded, the video will be saved directly on the user's device, in their iPhone photo library. 

The synchronised stride curves and additional biomechanical data, which are interactive elements available in the Sleip application, are not included in the downloaded videos. For users who wish to share the interactive data with the video, Sleip suggests creating a screen recording using the built-in iPhone functionality. This way, users can share both the video and the interactive data with their clients or colleagues.

Supporting collaboration with documentation

One of the benefits of Sleip is that it not only provides objective data, but also documentation that supports longitudinal monitoring of the horse’s movement patterns. This documentation makes it easier to consult with colleagues and communicate with clients. 

Supporting collaboration among the people working for the horse’s health and performance is a key part of Sleip’s mission. Being able to share information is essential for that, says Kristoffer Nolgren.


Latest news

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Stride frequency in the Sleip app

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New collaboration between Boehringer Ingelheim and Sleip leverages AI-technology to help detect lameness in horses

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