Equine Gait Analysis Society collaborates with Sleip

Taking horse health and performance to the next level: Equine Gait Analysis Society collaborates with Sleip to bridge the gap between science and clinical practice  
Sleip, a leading equine health and performance technology provider, is proud to announce its support for the Equine Gait Analysis Society’s (EGAS) post-graduate training for vets. Sleip will be participating throughout the course as well as providing access to its AI-powered gait analysis application. 

The EGAS program is designed to bridge the gap between science and clinical application of quantitative gait analysis .

"We are thrilled to be collaborating with EGAS educationally," said Axel Nyström, CEO of Sleip. "We are passionate about bringing advances in science into practical use. Our company was founded on the premise of combining the results of decades of equine biomechanical research with cutting-edge technology to create a diagnostics tool that is easy to use.”

The program is lectured by academic and clinical experts from around the world and is based on evidence-based content. The course comprises five modules of two days each during 2023, all held at European clinics. The first module will be held in Utrecht, Feb 10-11th. Topics covered include gait analysis equipment, data interpretation, and the use of gait analysis in the diagnosis and treatment of lameness and other movement disorders.


Biomechanics and data
Sleip's application, which uses the camera on the mobile phone to capture the horse’s movements, will be used throughout the course, giving attendees hands-on experience of capturing and interpreting data. In addition, Sleip’s experts in equine biomechanics and clinical use of objective gait analysis will be lecturing several of the program’s five modules.

“The study of equine biomechanics is essential for any orthopaedic veterinarian. Through our collaboration with Sleip, we can provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how to use and interpret movement symmetry metrics for diagnostics and treatment evaluation,” says dr Filipe Serra Bragança, DVM, PhD who leads the locomotion research team at the University of Utrecht and co-founded the Equine Gait Analysis Society together with dr Aagje Hardeman.   


Sleip expert lecturers:

- Christoffer Roepstorff, MSc, PhD, Biomechanics Researcher at Sleip

Christoffer started working with the kinematics of lameness in horses at Uppsala University as part of his master's thesis. He went on to work for Qualisys to develop software for quantifying kinematic asymmetries in horses using marker-based optical motion capture, geared towards clinical use. He joined Sleip in 2022. 


- Aagje Hardeman, DVM, PhD, Global Customer Success Manager at Sleip

Aagje Hardeman graduated from Utrecht University in 2012, She is a certified equine chiropractor, with extensive clinical experience. She was part of the orthopaedic and rehabilitation team at  Tierklinik Lüsche, one of the biggest referral clinics in Europe. Her PhD focused on the clinical application of quantitative gait analysis. 


- Elin Hernlund, DVM, PhD, co-founder of Sleip

Elin graduated from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 2008

Elin has worked as an equine practitioner at the veterinary teaching hospital as well as with research and teaching in equine biomechanics, clinical orthopaedics and functional anatomy since 2008. In addition, she is responsible for the clinical gait laboratory at the equine hospital.


For more information about the course and to register:

Visit the Equine Gait Analysis Society website at www.datahorse.eu/egas


For more information about Sleip and its products:

Visit the company's website at www.sleip.com

30 January 2023

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