Sleip introduces sharing feature to enable remote services

Sleip introduces sharing feature to enable remote services

Sleip has released a sharing feature for its smartphone gait analysis tool, introducing a realm of possibilities for remote equine care services. The new feature lets veterinarians invite a horse owner, rider, trainer or other to record a certain horse using the Sleip app, sending high-quality video and objective gait asymmetry data directly to the vet's phone.

This “horse-sharing” feature is already used successfully by several Olympic equestrian sports team vets and top riders and by pioneering vets in regular clinical practice across Europe and the US. The new feature has been gradually rolled out to Sleip users for the past 6-12 month soft-launch period. 

Developing our offering in close collaboration with our clients is important. We are thrilled to now introduce Sleip as a platform for quality remote services to a broader group of equine veterinarians and their clients, says Per Hassbring, Head of Growth and Partnerships at Sleip.

No more blurry recordings via WhatsApp  

It is not uncommon for equine veterinarians to receive video recordings of horses via WhatsApp or similar from concerned clients. Sleip provides a structured alternative, with zoomed-in slow-motion analysis video and precise gait metrics and typically, vets will charge an additional fee for this service. 

One of the benefits of Sleip is that it provides a platform to offer remote assessments that are clearly in demand in a way that brings value to both practitioner and client - and ultimately the horses, says Per Hassbring.


Use cases include:

  • Rehabilitation and training: Continuously monitor recovery and response to treatment and training.
  • Prevention and early detection: Leverage regular gait analysis to identify health concerns preemptively.
  • Remote consultations, including pre-purchase exams: Easily share quality documentation with colleagues worldwide.  

While the comprehensive biomechanical data used for clinical assessments is exclusive to the vet’s subscription, their clients can freely view the slow-motion analysis videos, complete with synchronized stride-by-stride graphics for a deeper understanding of their horse's movement patterns. 

A shift towards preventative care

The sophisticated AI behind Sleip measures key points on the horse’s body in motion straight from smartphone video recordings, capturing even the slightest asymmetries in gait. Because it is easy to use collaboratively, the app enables regular monitoring to provide vets and horse owners with a fingerprint of the horse's movement patterns. The approach is also of interest to regulatory authorities and competition organisers.  

Trials with Sleip are underway across different disciplines of equine sports, to evaluate how objective gait analysis and longitudinal data documenting horse’s movement patterns over time can be used to ensure horses’ fitness to compete, says Per Hassbring.


Easy to get started

This sharing feature is an add on your basic subscription and will cost from 50 EUR/USD per month for up to 15 active shares. 

Once activated on the Sleip subscription, it is easy to get started. The client recording remotely needs to use an iPhone 8 or newer. Their recorder account will be accessible from any such device.

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Share access to record a horse by clicking the user plus icon in the horse view 

Fill in your client’s email address and they will receive an invitation to download the Sleip application and can start recording their horse as instructed by you. 

Your client can start recording straight away

The horse will automatically be added to the recorder user's account and appear when they log in. Instructional videos provide guidance on how to record using Sleip on the straight-line and longeing for best quality results.

Analysis results are automatically sent to the veterinary account 

Once a recording is uploaded and the processing completed, a notification is sent to the vet’s Sleip account where the full analysis results are available.

While recorder user accounts can freely view slow-motion videos with stride graphics for recordings made in the Sleip application, they have limited access to the analysis results. 

Further options to share more data to recorder users will be explored in the future. 

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