Sleip renews sponsorship of EGAS to support gait analysis education for equine vets

Sleip, a trailblazer in AI-powered equine motion analysis, is renewing its sponsorship
for the Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS) Course 2024. This reflects Sleip's
ongoing commitment to education and to bridging the gap between clinical practice and research.


Filipe Serra Bragança and Aagje Hardeman, founders the EGAS, comment: "We're delighted to have Sleip as a steadfast partner in our mission to enhance gait analysis education. Their support helps us provide valuable learning experiences."

Sleip enables equine veterinarians to conduct gait analysis effortlessly using just a smartphone, making it highly accessible for educational purposes. The video documentation proves invaluable for refining one's observational skills, particularly in training the ability to assess asymmetries.

"We are proud to partner with EGAS once again and to contribute to the community of
equine health professionals committed to developing the industry. EGAS provides
the most advanced education in objective gait analysis. The course program
has been developed by renowned experts within the field of equine biomechanics –
who also know how to apply data-driven insights to clinical work,” says Axel Nyström, CEO of Sleip.

Thanks to Sleip's ongoing sponsorship, the EGAS Course 2024 promises an enriching learning experience, presenting the latest insights and technological advancements in gait analysis. As Sleip's collaboration with EGAS strengthens, the wider biomechanics community eagerly anticipates thrilling developments in the field.


EGAS 2023

Currently, there is 1 free spot available for the EGAS Course in 2024. Do you want to join this international class to learn everything about the clinical application of quantitative gait analysis? Use the application form to subscribe!

The EGAS Course 2024:

Module I  - Utrecht University (NL) - 09-10 February 2024
History, basics of equine gait analysis, biomechanics of sound horses

Module II - Tierklinik Lüsche (DE) - 12-13 April 2024
Camera, sensor, and AI technology, high-quality data collection, biomechanics of lame horses

Module III - Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre (NL) - 14-15 June 2024
Quantitative gait analysis on the lunge, diagnostic analgesia, flexion tests, spinal kinematics

Module IV - Dierenkliniek Bosdreef (BE) - 4-5 October 2024
Multi limb lameness, quantitative gait analysis during PPE's, longitudinal monitoring and rehabilitation

Module V - Utrecht University (NL) - 15-17 November 2024
Quantitative gait analysis under tack, integration of knowledge

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