Top US vets bring Sleip into their daily practices

The US has quickly become one of Sleip’s fastest-growing markets, with both large clinics and solo vets now integrating the use of the Sleip app as part of their daily practice. 

One of the recent new users of Sleip is Dr. Tim Ober at John R. Steele & Associates: “The fact that you only need your phone, in combination with the precision of the science and technology, makes an impact on the way we can use objective gait analysis in our work”, says Dr. Ober, who works with many top show jumpers. 


“The talk of the town” at the AAEP convention

Sleip was introduced to a larger gathering of US vets at the annual AAEP convention in San Antonio, TX in late November. Game-changing in terms of making precise gait analysis accessible, Sleip attracted a great deal of interest among attending vets.

“Sleip had already started attracting attention from US clinicians before the event, partly thanks to the enthusiasm of the national team vets and sport horse clinics in Europe, existing customers who are our greatest ambassadors, says Per Hassbring, Head of Growth and Partnerships at Sleip.

He continues: “But the AAEP was a great opportunity for us to meet potential customers personally and show them what Sleip is all about simply by showing them the application on our phones. We were told Sleip was the “talk of the town” at the event, which of course is wonderful to hear, concludes Per.

Welcoming new customers

The US is now one of Sleip’s fastest growing markets. New users range from larger clinics and hospitals to solo practitioners, and examples include Palm Beach Equine Clinic (Wellington, FL), Peterson Smith Equine Hospital (Ocala, FL), Texas Equine Hospital (Bryan, TX), and Front Range Equine Performance (Denver, CO). 

Dr. Olivia Rudolphi, at Rudolphi Veterinary Service in Illinois, has directed much of her equine practice on the performance horse and sports medicine.

“Getting both the visuals of the analysis video and quantified gait metrics is useful, during a lameness exam certainly, but also for tracking changes over time. This is particularly true of sports horses, who, like human athletes, can be more prone to injury”, concludes Olivia. 


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